IOU tokens - vBONDs were issued as part of a compensation plan for affected parties after the November 14th exploit.

Implementation: - One way VBOND (ETH) bridge to BSC to receive VBOND-B

VBOND-B will be a rebasing token to simulate interest and will permanently rebase positively, on every Monday equaling approximately 10% APR

60/40 VBOND-B/gvVALUE-B vFarm will be set up and will receive vBSWAP as incentives for liquidity providers

Paying Back the Debt: VALUE from the Insurance Fund and Compensation Fund will be bridged to gvVALUE-B. These funds will be used to incrementally buyback 50k VBOND-B weekly, and then burn it. This purchase will only occur if VBOND-B is trading under $1. The principal being, once all VBOND-B has been burned will mark that user funds will have been fully reimbursed.

Token name (ETH): vBOND

Token address: 0x05d70721c4f75473a07907c0d0c6eebed5f2fef7

Token name (BSC): vBOND-B

Token address: 0x57cda125d0c7b146a8320614ccd6c55999d15bf2