vGovernance allows VALUE shareholders to enjoy double rewards.

First, stakers in this Vault enjoy multiple income shares from the income made by the Value DeFi Ethereum ecosystem. These include three income streams below:

  1. The deposited idle VALUE can be used to farm other protocols, rewards get sold to buy more VALUE.
  2. 14% of the profit from the vSafes is used to buy VALUE, which is shared among vGovernance stakers.
  3. vGovernance stakers also get 35% swap fees from vSwap.

The rewards from these income streams are auto-compounded, which results in saving gas costs for the user. This can be seen in your gvValue Token balance.

Staking at vGovernance

Additionally, if you stake in our vGovernance you also have the opportunity to make important decisions in the project such as, what rewards to give, pools to set up, and percentage share of profits. Governance votes can be seen by clicking the 'Vote' link on our homepage.

For more details on how to stake in the vGovernance, please see Governance Vault staking guide


gvValue is the compounding interest token of vGovernance. When you deposit VALUE to the governance vault, gvVALUE will be generated and issued to you. When the vault redistributes a portion of the profit in VALUE (from vGovernance, vSafe and vSwap fees) to the Governance Vault, the number of VALUE in the Governance Vault increases while the amount of gvVALUE remains unchanged.

At time of writing, 1 gvValue = 1 gvVALUE = 1.011937028 VALUE.

The Value Ecosystem