vFarms and Farms-as-a-Service


Farms-as-a-Service (FaaS) is the quickest and easiest way for new projects to kickstart liquidity of their coin without any upfront payment or cost. No permission is required by Value DeFi. Simply create your vFarms and let the community stake to it! Creating a vFarm pool using our FaaS service is a great opportunity for your project to be exposed to a larger audience and it will also generate demand for your token!

With vSwap’s farming pool creation, teams can now create the desired liquidity pools and pairs along with flexible ratios, customizable fees, and token contract minter approval for the liquidity pool (LP) only with a few clicks. An example would be a pool with USDC/New token 67/23 ratio with a 0.60% swap fee that has token minting per block.

Common rugpull methods are prevented as there are no backdoors implemented in these Smart Contracts by the Value DeFi team. To make the platform self-service, the Value DeFi community is empowered to review new pools and decide whether or not the projects in those pools are deemed trustworthy. Liquidity providers for these projects will also automatically receive the farming token after providing their liquidity at the Farming Pool.

This makes the process of farming more easy, efficient, safe, and secure as there are less steps to perform and the LP tokens stay within the Smart Contract made by the Value DeFi team.



  • Creates a collaboration and helps strengthen the crypto ecosystem
  • Exposes your project to a broader new audience (includes an AMA session with the Value DeFi community)
  • Introduces a new and fair distribution mechanism for your token
  • Rewards individuals who believe in your projects
  • Provides non-DeFi projects with an easy entry point to penetrate the DeFi space
  • Creates demands and liquidity for your token


To create your first FaaS pool:

  • Step 1: Log into https://valueliquid.io/#/faas
  • Step 2: Click the “Create FaaS pool” button
  • Step 3: Complete all the required fields
  • Step 4: Submit your pool to the blockchain with the push of a button and voila!


On BSC, there is a 100 gvVALUE-B fee to create a vFarm on the platform. This being said, the fee will be reimbursed if your vFarm meets all 3 conditions below:

  1. The vFarm must use the LP from vSwap
  2. The vFarm must obtain $100K or greater in TVL
  3. The vFarm must be verified by the FaaS Council

If project is using non-vSwap LPs creation fee is 500 gvVALUE-B and it is NOT refundable


Assuming you know the pool parameters for your vFarm, getting it up-and-running shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes! You can choose and customize any parameters that suit your project, but the required parameters for every FaaS pool include:

  1. The pair of tokens
  2. The pool weight (i.e. 98-2%)
  3. The reward token
  4. Reward per block (# of coins allocated as rewards per ETH block for liquidity providers in this pool)
  5. Lock reward percentage (% of distributed rewards locked until a certain ETH block height is reached)
  6. Reward start and end blocks
  7. Vesting start and end blocks (ETH block height at which the pool starts distributing locked rewards to liquidity providers)
  8. Unstaking frozen time (the amount of time liquidity providers of the pool will have their liquidity locked at the pool)


The platform supports all kinds of reward mechanisms, be them simple or customized to complexity. While customized reward mechanisms are supported, some integration code will be required. Visit our GitHub for more information.

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To learn more about FaaS and vFarms, please visit https://valuedefi.io/resources.

Our community also created two amazing tutorial videos for FaaS and vFarms:

We also recommend you join our Discord & Telegram groups, or contact us via email at faas@valuedefi.io. Our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.